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To Whom It May Concern:      1 September 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Ms. Jutka Freiman. I have known Jutka for 7 years;- as a personal client of her coaching business, as a business partner when Jutka was the Co-head of Holistic Therapy at my previous business, Legacy Retreat where she was instrumental in designing and facilitating a 5-day holistic education programme and most lately, as a corporate service provider to my team at the National University of Singapore.


Jutka is one of the most talented experts in the self-development world that I have had the privilege of working with. She possesses a special gift of being able to identify key areas of development, strengths and challenges for individuals and teams and to gently guide them towards transformative change with great sensitivity and respect.


At Legacy Retreat, Jutka was consistently given top scores by our clients who appreciated her ability to impart to them essential life skills such as self-awareness, empathy and overcoming limiting beliefs. Many of the Legacy Retreat clients declared that the coaching they received from Jutka enabled them to make major life shifts towards happiness and effectiveness.


In my current role as the Director of the Centre for Future-ready Graduates at the National University of Singapore, we engaged Jutka to facilitate a 3 day workshop for a group of 22 University staff members. Jutka did a masterful job in teaching basic self-awareness and emotional literacy principles and techniques to our staff and received very positive feedback on her effectiveness and communication skills.


I would highly recommend Jutka as a master practitioner in the field of psychology, psychotherapy, personal development, coaching, corporate training, leadership and diversity issues. Her perspective on key issues is always deep, profound and greatly impactful.


Best regards,


Crystal Lim Leahy

Director, Centre for Future-ready Graduates

National University of Singapore





For Enneagram


Jutka Freiman introduced me to the Enneagram at a retreat focused on personal awareness and growth. I found it to be a powerful tool for understanding my own motivations and habitual preferences and a great way for initiating personal change and growth.


The personal awareness that grew out of this experience has helped me engage with others with greater authenticity and integrity. It has also helped me be more centred and peaceful. Jutka Freiman played a key role on this journey. As a professional I found her to be very powerful. Her knowledge of the Enneagram is extraordinarily detailed and enhanced by her rich clinical experience over many years. Her insights, sensitivity and knowledge bought the tool to life.


On a personal note Jutka is particularly warm, caring and empathetic. She has a wonderful ability to engage personally and she has a personal serenity and wisdom which I found truly inspiring and healing.


Damien O’Brien


Egon Zehnder





For Enneagram


"Jutka is one of the most sensitive and encouraging therapists I have met in 40 years of personal development work. Her natural ease and warm energy combines with deep understanding of psychology and therapy to produce extraordinary results. In one extended weekend retreat, Jutka transformed my experience of the Enneagram from a theoretical model into a  useful, enjoyable, and deeply insightful tool for better loving and living with others."


Ron Kaufman, Singapore

New York Times best-selling author of Uplifting Service





For Women’s Work


"A heartfelt thank you for the amazing two days in Phuket. It has helped me so much - much more than I could have imagined or hoped for. Jutka created such a beautiful and safe place for us, guiding and supporting us in such a profound way. Everything she said resonated so deeply and has helped me to re-connect with that wise, mature, intuitive woman we all have within us. It so beautifully complemented and added to the work from the Hoffman Process. I am deeply grateful to you, Jutka and all the lovely women who participated, for helping me find the strength and resourcefulness that resides in my feminine. It was the 'missing' piece in my healing.


Thank you again for inspiring, encouraging and helping me on my journey, it has changed things for me so beautifully.